Tips on How to Stop Heartburn

The highest percentages of persons today suffer from heartburn. The following are effective remedies for heartburn that anyone can use:

how to stop heartburn1. Avoid foods that trigger acid reflux: Heartburn or acid reflux can be triggered when one ingests certain foods such as caffeine rich beverages, carbonated drinks, tomatoes, citrus fruits, as well as alcohol. Deep fried foods can also cause heartburn, as well as foods that contain fats naturally (i.e. whole milk). Avoiding these foods can help you contain and understand how to stop the causes of heartburn better.

2. Major on alkaline foods: Alkaline foods can help stop heartburn very effectively. Such foods include watermelons, ginger tea, lean meat and yogurt. These foods will neutralize any excess acidity within the stomach which will help ease its effects. Taking more of these foods during major meals can be of great help to anyone suffering from GERD.

3. Take a glass of Aloe Vera mixed with some honey: Aloe Vera and honey make a great combination as heartburn home remedies. The Aloe Vera gel and honey helps wash down and neutralize any acidic materials off the esophagus, thus easing the discomfort immediately.

4. Avoid overeating in one sitting: Many people experience heartburn on a full stomach. Many remedies on how to stop heartburn advice on taking small chunks of foods in one sitting to avoid a full stomach. If the stomach is full, food materials tend to push open sphincter muscles, allowing digestive juices into the esophagus. This leads to heartburn and GERD, a situation that can be controlled by eating less food.

5. Take Anti-acids: Anti-acids give a fast relief from heartburn. These can be purchased over the counter without prescription. They however are not as effective when used to prevent heartburn.

6. Wear loose clothes around the abdomen: Slenderizing undergarments can cause serious heartburn even on an empty stomach. This is because they exert too much pressure on LES, thus giving way to gastric acids into the esophagus. You can avoid this by wearing loose or well-fitting clothes every day.

7. Use a pillow when sleeping: This is for the people who experience heartburn while sleeping. Resting your head on a pillow forces stomach contents down through gravity, hence limiting gastric gases and digestive enzymes from coming up the esophagus.

8. Drink good amounts of water after meals: Water can help flush acidic materials off the esophagus. You can as well make fruit smoothies to take instead of water for improved digestion. Apples, watermelons and papayas can make a great fruit punch to help ease heartburn effects.

9. Look for sugar free chewing gum to chew: The idea behind chewing gum is to generate as much saliva as possible. The saliva swallowed helps wash down the gastric juices or enzymes, thus relieving heartburn. Sugar free chewing gums will help protect your teeth from dangerous bacteria too.

There are many tutorials on how to stop heartburn on the internet, and you can use these too to find a lasting solution. All these however revolve around dietary needs, and what should be done to take care of these gastric juices. You can also seek a nutritionists help on what to do to stop heartburn sensations after meals.