What You Need To Know About Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition that often gets somewhat overlooked because in many people it’s minor and relatively easy to treat. However, it’s really important not to be too cavalier about acid reflux. This can be a serious condition, and can affect the very elderly, infants only weeks old, and everyone in between.

Acid reflux is directly related to the stomach acid that is used for digestion not just staying where it should, but also rising up into the esophagus. This will happen because the valve that separates the stomach and its full contents from the esophagus itself turns out to be faulty. Instead of staying closed to keep the two separate, acid can seep back up, causing a variety of symptoms and health issues.

What are the symptoms of acid reflux?
When asking the question of what is acid reflux, it’s important to understand that this condition goes hand in hand with the symptoms. In fact, most people automatically think heart burn. While heart burn is one of the symptoms, it should not be mistaken as a synonym for acid reflux. The two are very different.

Some of the most common symptoms of acid reflux include:
* Heartburn from minor to serious
* Chest pain
* Discomfort or heartburn that gets worse as you lay down
* Sore throat and hoarseness
* Pain after meals
* Coughing
* Asthma
* Nausea and sickness

So how does knowing what acid reflux is help to deal with treatment? There are several different potential causes of acid reflux. Being overweight is a definite cause of many individuals’ acid reflux issues, or at least exacerbates the situation.

Other people often are affected by spicy and fatty foods. Foods that are high in either of those can cause any acid reflux issues to rear their ugly head and cause a lot of pain and discomfort for people suffering from this condition.

Acid reflux can be serious because it can cause permanent damage in the esophagus if not treated. Stomach acid is extremely corrosive and can cause some serious damage outside of the stomach. Treatment can range from basic over the counter drugs for mild cases to more serious prescription medications for the very serious cases.

need to know aboutThe most important thing to know about reflux is that this condition needs to be diagnosed. It’s not just heartburn and there are even many major tests used to see if a patient has this condition and to what extent it affects them.¬†These tests range from the barium swallow to pH monitoring and even an endoscopy or biopsy in extreme cases.

While heartburn can definitely be a red flag, it’s important to understand that constant or repetitive heartburn needs to treated seriously because it might be a sign of something a lot deeper. Don’t let acid reflux be something that constantly comes back to cause more suffering. Click here to learn more about this common ailment.

The proper medical treatment of this condition is possible, and preparing an effective pain relief goes much better if you know what is acid reflux.